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    Mediacatch Plan 5

    I would like any feedback from ya'll about Mediacatchcom specifically about their Plan 5



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    I've heard some good and bad things about them.

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    Can you please suggest something around that price rang with same offerings that are reliable etc.? What can I get for about $50 mnth? :-]

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    We use them as a backup provider for a site, and find them to be mostly very helpful on the tech support sides of things.

    Uptime we have hardly noticed much apart from the odd couple of minutes. Only problems we have had was a few email problems and a slow POP3 server but that has seemed to clear up and is running fast as ever now.

    To be honest it does the purpose it's their for and often excels in the MSN tech support.

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    We left them last month. We had a reselleraccount with Mediacatch. They say 99% uptime, that's not true. Server was down for more than 15 hours per month at least.
    Webmail had a lot of problems and also PHP scripts didn't run fine because of problems with the server. We also noticed the MySQL server being down around twice a month.
    Service is crap, they have an emergency pager that is not being responded on. The live-chat support is just a call-center that tells you that the problem is being worked on.

    I would say: Just look further for another hostingprovider, wich will give you better results.

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