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    Need help on choosing the best forum on the market today


    I understand that this question has been asked many times, but I have some particular needs at this time. I have solid experience with PHPBB and Invision board.

    My need for this new project is to create a forum that already have a lot of information to be posted as articles. Both forums mentioned above support html but in a limited basis. We need to copy and paste the information from html sources so we will have to tweak phpbb a lot and it just don't work this way.

    anyways, anybody knows of a forum that FULLY support html copy and paste directly into the input box and have equal or better features than phpbb or invision board?

    By the way I tried Mambo server and it is really nice interface but it's not as easy as phpbb to get an article published....

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    did you try

    dont know if thats the right address , do a search on yahoo. you will find them they are free and good.

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