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    Thumbs up thumbs up to BrightServers

    I recently signed up with these guys at and I must say im really impressed by the packages and prices these guys are offering. Im paying about 10 bucks a month i've got more bandwidth and space than i'd ever need. If your starting up i recommend you check these guys out, they have a **** load of packages to choose from so i think they'd suit a lotta peoples needs. I've been with them for about 10 days and so far the service has been zippy and helpful, let me know if you guys have any luck with this gang

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    10 days... that leaves a lot of room for fault.
    good luck though

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    I agree give it awhile but hope it works out they do have some good looking prices. But then im looking, new member, first post, its a pat on the back for a company that dosent even have a phone# listed or where there located on the website. I smell spam. But hey I might be wrong

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    Wish you continue to be so happy
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Come back after a month and give us another review.

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    Good to hear that you're happy with them. To add to the credibility of your review, please let us know your website that is hosted with them. As others have said, 10 days is a bit too short to really conclude anything. Come back in a few months and give us an update.


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    no spam, im just happy with this companys service. its a bit early to conclude on how good they'll be in the long run but in the short time i've been with them they've been great, the support has been really good. i think their servers are based in california, but im not sure. i'll keep you posted in the long run

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    i'll keep you posted in the long run
    It will be the great - if in rather long time period

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    Glad to hear a good comment about a host for once.

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    Originally posted by cybexhost1
    Glad to hear a good comment about a host for once.
    Aww, I think more than that

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