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    Options for Linux

    What are the cheapest options for Linux CP....Dont need a reseller suport just admin and end user....

    CPanel is just to Expensive .. a little piece of advice wont be bad at now

    Thanx for atention

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    I am looking for the same thing.

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    Originally posted by Silvershark
    I am looking for the same thing.
    Me too!

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    I have installed it on my computer. (Using SUSE 9.0) It is pretty easy to install. I would recommend it.

    Oh yea.. Ha ha ha.. It's free
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    Webmin is the cheapest, but if you want features and a good price, check out


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    I already use webmin. I am looking for something more hosting based.

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    DirectAdmin is a great choice to go with. I strongly suggest them for their great support and they are well worth it.
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    Directadmin looks preety good and not too expensive.
    I looked at webmin too however i prefer to pay a little bit and get something more...

    Any other sugestions would be great Thanx all!

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