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    Free Domain Name Hosting


    I was thinking of offering Free Domain Name Hosting Service, ie, have domains point to my DNS and redirect using a frame to another server.

    Same thing that is doing.

    Unlike mydomain, I will only offer Domain Name Hosting/Redirection, whereas mydomain offers that and email redirection too.

    I actually know a few people using mydomain services, but they say that at least a few times in the month the sites go I want to take advantage of that and "buy" over those people that do not like their service.

    Reason for doing this project is to build public awareness of the business name and services.

    What do you think about the idea?

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    You need to think about the cost of doing that. If you sincere about building business credibility, you can offer few months of free hosting before charging your clients. Free domain hosting would be a good idea if you can ensure that your service is better and more reliable than mydomain, otherwise, you will lose customers as well.

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    I guess my question you all think that there is still a market for this type of service?

    Even now looking that domain registrars are offering this service for free with registration.

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