Well after seeing all the posts for templates for sale decided to jump in the game. I do normaly whole sites but hey its easier to do templates and let others code them ;-) Will include all source files and exclusive rights.
Will need to supply all pics for your custom work, easy to get some royalty free pics I recomend inmagine.com they are like a market for all the big stock photo sites in one place. This ensures total custom style as the fact your images and colors are put together from scratch, please ensure you have fonts you want used allready or atleast no the name so they can be aquired.

http://inmagine.com <-----very resourceful
"read license agreements first all are different depending on what stock company supplys the photos

Quick examples : http://eonlinedevelopment.com/webtemplates/

anyone interested please leave PM or you can email me or simply get me on msn [email protected]

thanks and look for it, pretty soon will be offering a template hosting combo when templates are purshased you will get hosting free.

[B]Vincent Behm[B]
[email protected]