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    Site for Sale -

    After two years of running a GTA Website, I finally grew tired of running it, for free, without ads, with money for hosting coming out of my own pocket. I want to start a new website for gaming, but I need money to start it, so I am selling my GTA website to do so.

    GTA is a very popular game, with many of loyal fans. is filled with content, and is very popular also. We have been up for two years so it is very wll known. Whoever buys this will get content and design, not hosting.

    A GTA website will never get old because new GTA games are released often, they have planned many more additions to the GTA series over the next 10 years. They have trademarked about 10-15 names for them.

    Right now everyone is talking about GTA: San Andreas which is coming out in October. even has a wishlist for this new coming game, where people post their wishes for the game. Because of this new game, GTA websites are PACKED!

    Plus you even get two free domains: (Vice City Source) and (San Andreas Source). Right now I have them both redirecting to

    *NOTE: is a recognized website from Rockstar Games, and you will recieve special webmaster information about the game!


    If you are interested please contact me at:
    AIM: SandroBird
    MSN: [email protected]
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Thank You,

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    What $$$ range are you after?

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    Whats the stats for the site?

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    For price range, contact me so we can negotiate. Stats: well used to be the leader in GTA info, until our servers went down. We went back up in March. People are starting to find out, that it is back up again though. In march the bandwidth usage was 1.5 GB, in April so far it has been 3.5 GB. I havent even been advertising it, just people finding out that it is back up again. On average its been about 250-350 Unique a day, just imagine if you did advertise it!

    [EDIT] I will even throw in a Vice City skin to it,
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    what CMS are you using?

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    do you have links to verify the visitors? is there any campaign running to force visitors to the site racking up stats?

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    No, I dont advertise my site at all...

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