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    I am posting because of a concern I have about customer support at I have been using their shared hosting service for the past month and I have been very happy with their product. However, their support is another story! I have tried contacting them three separate times about billing over the past week and I am still yet to get a response. Has anyone else had this problem with them? I have heard so many good things about the company, so I hope that my recent experience is only an aberration. I don't want to flame the company, but I do think it is important to post concerns on this site.

    P.S. If someone from Klooki reads this post, could you please respond to me emails.

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    That's the way the klooki crumbles!

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    Originally posted by MStar
    That's the way the klooki crumbles!
    Boo, that was bad.
    <Throws Produce At MStar's Head>

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    Hey I find that funny...

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    Hehehehe good one mstar

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    Originally posted by MStar
    That's the way the klooki crumbles!
    That has to be the worst yet funniest thing I've read all day..

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    Originally posted by MStar
    That's the way the klooki crumbles!
    I hope not.

    PS. Funny choice of words MStar.

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    same here

    We have an account with them as well and are going through the same as above with support. I believe they are having some growing pains and are trying their best to update and install new hardware to keep up. Their new servers at the peer1 DC are great. The ones at theplanent have been extremely slow for some reason for the last few weeks. One suggestion is to try to get klooki support on MSN messenger, that seems to work quite well.

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    There's something I've always wondered about - why does it sound similar to another UK host Both words are not dictionary words and since Clook has been around longer -- so I can only guess that Klooki believes in that adage "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

    Unless, I missed the urban slang lessons - and clook and klooki actually exist in slang lingo.

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    Originally posted by MStar
    That's the way the klooki crumbles!
    Yes HANDS up we had problems with perldesk and so missed some tickets whilst we changed helpdesk system.

    This was not expected and we lost tickets in the system due to it and was not able to recover them.

    All users have been sent messages through internal systems asking them to use the new helpdesk.

    Thats quite funny..... but u must know we are like your frav choccy klooki - you always stick with the best and come back for more....
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    Klooki, we have been using your new support system, and still have been waiting days for relies.

    Problem ID: 9 - pending 2 days now
    Problem ID: 8 - pending 2 days now
    Problem ID: 3 (fixed only after direct msn messenger contact)
    Problem ID: 4 (fixed only after direct msn messenger contact)

    what gives?

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    If you want to login to those problems you will note replies in each.

    We have replied to your tickets and you should have recieved email reply stating so.
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    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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    Something must not be working right with your support ticket system, I just logged in and the replies you mention are no where to be seen, no e-mails either.

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    jwarzi. this is not our support forum. can you please address issues away from here in the correct manner.

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    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
    Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

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    Klooki, that was not my intent.

    To other visitors of WHM, I have happy to say I was able to get into contact with klooki using msn messenger today and got all the issues resolved. Like Klooki mentioned, they did reply to our tickets, but we as users could not see them. He took the time to fix the issue and everything is working great now. A big thanks for your time klooki!!!

    We are very happy with Klooki and will be opening another account with them at their peer1 DC today!!

    Keep up the great work guys!!!

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    I ever contacted them, the response is soon.

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    I am the webmaster of

    I had my site hosted with

    My site has been down since May 20, 2004. I have sent Klooki several email but have had no replies so far. It's really painful that, they don't even reply to any of my email. They are not seen on the ICQ even.

    I have tried all the ways to contact them. But all ended in vain.

    My business has completely gone down because of this and I have lost many of my great clients. I am unable to tackle and answer my clients here. don't even have the courtesy to inform it customers when the site will resume back again. I have asked them for my data backup atleast so that, I can host with someone else. I haven't got any reply for that even.

    Does anybody have the contact phone number of ?

    Is anyone aware of what's going on with and if they will resume back again ?

    Please do let me know at [email protected]

    I am very much worried here.

    If anyone has any idea about, Please let me know ASAP. I will be highly thankful to you.


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