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    Enforcing End User Compliance with AUP

    I'm just curious about the types of monitoring/scanning software that are available to dedicated servers.

    Is there anything that will allow ded server administrators to scan hosting customers files and outgoing email messages so that they are in compliance with pre-defined set of AUP?

    For example, is there anything I can run on my server that will periodically check for:

    - mp3, warez, etc
    - pornography
    -- outgoing spam

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    You can search file names in a File Manager script, or program. However, there is no program that scans for TOS/AUP violations.

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    When in doubt, script it out.

    I have a perl script that I have cron'd to search for certain file types and keywords. The report gets posted to a file that I can view and I scour that file to look for violations. Nothing too fancy, but it works for me.
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