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    Website Hosting Packages

    I am in the process of redesigning my hosting business. My site is currently being redesigned by a professional website designer. I wish to target the small business user. This target includes the one-person home-based business user to the larger businesses. I do not plan to offer any budget hosting.

    All of my hosting packages will include a free domain and a free on-line website builder program. They will all be hosted on a unix server with cPanel.

    I have considered offering the low end package with 250 Mb space, 5 Gb Bandwidth for $9.95 per month. Is this a good configuration for this price or am I offering too much space for $9.95?

    Keeping in mind on my target audience, what would be recommended for my three hosting packages? Please include the disk space, bandwidth and price for each configuration.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Well I had a massive list typed up, but once again WHT database errors have lost my post.

    Quick summary:





    This is strictly opinion based on the fact you're targeting businesses. Quality of service also comes into play here.
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    Anyone can rattle off a few numbers for you but they will not do you much good. The main question you need to have the answer to is;

    How much will it cost you to provide the type of stable, reliable services that will be conducive for business?

    Once you have your costs fixed then you will be in a much better position to place a selling price on your services.

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    Yes I agree with Watcher.

    What is your Fixed Expense and Misc Expense each month?
    Find that figure ( not just the server fees... you need to eat too... )
    Find the FASTEST way that you can fisrt cover your expenses. then after that looking into ways to make a good profit.

    Most small companies don't really need much space, they just want a place to have their webpresence. Sometimes even 10 to 50mb would be enough for a SOHO or small enterprise. they are not really hosting a high bandwidth and bandthrottle site.

    Service is of the MOST importance.
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    5Gb is quite generous. Try reducing it to 3GB, since you have offered free domain

    What other hosting packages do you have? Remember to write all plans with complete details. The more detail your plan, the more like you will attract more users to sign up.

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    That list sounds about right

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    Its a good idea to develop all your package details yourself, based on the expected outgoing costs for your business. Its definately a good idea to get advice... evaluate other hosting companies and their pricing as to ensure you don't under/overcharge.
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    WHT companies generally make up a very small segment of the hosting market place; AND, tend to be extremely price sensitive looking for extremely low prices.

    Keep that in mind as you price things looking at WHT for guidance.

    Thank you.
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