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    [For Sale] Hivemail license

    I have an unsupported Hivemail license for sale!

    Due to lack of use I am selling this license here on wht only. It is an unsupported license but you can use it for a lifetime! You just pay a small amount once a year to keep access to the upgrades.

    This license runs out April 3rd, 2005 so you have almost 1 years access included!

    A license like this goes for $130 new! So I am looking for something around $100.

    For more information on hivemail visit their website:

    Also I'm getting mods to verify this license so hopefully they'll post here.

    Post your offers please!

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    I see you are asking for more, but will start off with $65 payable right now.... If the Mods verify this is a transferrable license.
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    I'll bid 70 if the license is verified.
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    Highest bid Currently $70 by Vaporub would still like to get a little more though.

    Still waiting on the mod verification. Should be soon though hopefully. Ill keep going until 8pm GMT (UK) tomorrow night!


    You can buy now for $100!!!

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    Hivemail has confirmed the validity of the license on the 26th May.

    IMPORTANT! Please note: We are will NOT endorse or guarantee any license sale and any purchase is completely at your own risk.
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    Thanks Matt Im guessing you meant 26th April though...

    Forgot to mention before that this is payable via paypal.

    Highest bid still stands at $70! Will end in 20 hours!!!

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    I'll bid $75

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    My bid is $80

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    I'm going to let this run til morning. Which is about 8 hours time! (Definite closure then)

    Walter is the current highest bidder and will recieve this license if there is no more interest.

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    I'll bid $85

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    My bid is $90

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    Its now morning and bidding is over so congrats walter!

    I'll send you a pm later with everything i need to transfer the license.

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