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    Jump to a dedicated server

    k, this post may strike many as a noob set of questions but everyone started somewhere right?

    I've been running a fairly successful reseller business on a shared platfom for about six months now. I have enough clients to make the step up to a dedicated box but I have some questions!

    [list=1][*]The box will be Win 2003 and I'll offer asp, .net, coldfusion and php. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good set of points in securing the server from attack?[*]I will have access to a MySQL server but I would like to install that as well as on my box to make it as "white label" as possible. What security precautions will I need to have in place?[*]Give me a list of the top three points I need to remember when running a dedicated server?[*]Anything else I need to bear in mind before splashing out my hard earned profits!? [/list=1]

    I know many of you guys will have seen this and got the t-shirt but I want to learn from your experiences good and bad. I'm not too proud to ask for advice!

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    Maybe get managed hosting, or a server admin ?
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    I'm pretty comfortable with Windows 2003 as I have installed in on my local and learnt the hard way to what it can/can't do...

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    Well all of that software (asp, .net, coldfusion and php) won't be to wise. Take out php since it's meant for *nix.

    Securing a webserver & local computer are totally different. Might wanna get a Server Admin. Unless you know anything about Firewalls, anti-DDOS software, Load balancing. - Host on Cloudrck
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    If you get a Windows 2003 server, ASP and ASP.NET are integral part of the OS. PHP can be installed with no problem at all. Coldfusion is a separate package which can be bought and installed.

    With Windows 2003, the important thing to realize is permissions, permissions and permissions. Everything is more or less locked down so you need to ensure you get the right permissions to allow the right group of people to access the contents. If things does not seems right, check on the permission. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Where are you getting your server from?

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    I'm getting the server from whi I've had the shared account with for some time. I know the owner so I should get a good deal!

    We've had PHP running quite happily on the box I live on for some time so I'm happy that they can all live together. They will config the server at first for me so all the firewalls, patxhes, etc are in place and then let me loose.

    If there is anywhere a complete list of security pointers in one place that would help. I have collected quite a collection of articles and so on, alot of which tends to repeat itself but a definitive list of action points would help...

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    You will need to set up different levels of permissions for admin users and so on

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