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    Exclamation Custom Design Needed!

    I am looking for a custom full site design for my hosting site It will include some scripting/coding, so if you do not have the skills, please do not contact me. We recently had our other site, redesigned and I think the job was done well. I want to be clean and professional but still have a relaxed image. We are looking for something around the area of $200 and under. If you can not offer what I asked or do not have a portfolio for me to see, please do not contact me. I am avaliable on MSN ([email protected]), my personal AIM (Downsouthboy112) and email, [email protected].
    Lee W.
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    I can help you !

    what type of scripting ? I just finished in 32 hours was assigned job friday night finished at 7 am this morning.
    the only thing not custom is the header picture which customer choose from existing pics i have.

    If your interested i can be reached vis cell ph or msn [email protected], please do not call toll free # unless its for hosting or hosting support thank you.

    Vincent Behm
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    my team mgiht be able to this
    Albert Chen
    website & graphics design | Hosting
    aim/icq : achenxp | msn : [email protected]
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    I am interested if you could you elaborate on the details/complexity of the scripting.
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    Lee W.
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