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    Complete Ecommerce Solution??

    I was wondering if anyone knows of complete ecommerce solutions with very little up front fees and <$50/mo fee. I've used Miva, OsCommerce, and Storefront, but I'm looking for a cost effective solution with very little development fees. Where a client can sell approx 15 products in a nice looking store.

    Something similiar to BizAtomic, or a yahoo store, just more graphically appealing. There has to be some other solutions out there.


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    Have you tried X-Cart?

    I believe they are meant for small-buisness operations. You'd have to look into that though.

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    I have a small, pretty basic ASP shopping cart that I can send over to you if you are interested.

    The $50 or less - does that inlcude the hosting, the merchant account, SSL (if necessary), domain registration, etc?

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    The 50 covers the hosting and storefront interface. It doesn't include the merchant account, domain registration etc.

    We need to sell about 6 items:

    Mens and Womens Shirts
    Bumper Stickers

    Maybe a simple shopping cart would be the best solution?

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    You may want to look at digishop. They have no monthly fees just a one-time fee. Plus, they have toll free phone support unlike x-cart, which has none.

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    I've recently got X-Cart, haven't deployed it yet but I have to say, I'm loving what I've seen so far. I've got it to how I want it, just got to complete the catalogue now.

    I'm not sure I like smarty templating too much, I'm sure it's powerful just really my thing.

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    For only six products, consider Paypal or 2CO's shopping cart. Really, it's all you need.

    There are warnings here about Paypal, but we've been using them for years and haven't had problems. I have Paypal, 2CO and a real merchant account, and use any combination of all 3 depending on the solution required.

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    Hi Grundy,

    Paypal, 2CO, etc are fine - however, if you want access to any sort of business intelligence, these are not viable solutions.

    There are some great "smaller" ecommerce solutions out there - like phpshop - which will meet your requirements while still giving you some of the basic functionality not found with Paypal, etc..

    Hope this helps..

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    You can definitely find some solutions for less than $50/month to provide what you are looking for. There are a number of good examples in the various messages in this thread.

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