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    FastServers.Net Dedicated Server Auction!

    If you are looking for a great server deal, FastServers.Net has just posted another 6 servers up on the auction block. Auction bidding is for the monthly price of the server and bidders received some stellar deals on the last 2 auction that took place. All servers being sold have been upgraded to include at least 1GB of RAM and 2 Hard Drives.

    Our Auctions have no reserve! That's right we could potentially be giving servers away for $2.00 per month if no one bids on them!

    Auto-Bidding has been installed - meaning you can set your ceiling price and it will only bid $1.00 above the highest bid.

    Full 24/7 International Toll Free Support available in over 40 countries, 900GB of Bandwidth, cPanel, Plesk, Ensim, Windows 2000/2003 all available on these servers.

    All servers come with standard monitoring, free technical support, and free kernel upgrades!

    To participate in the auction visit:

    This round of auctions ends Friday afternoon.

    Going, Going, Gone!
    More than a Server, It's a Solution
    Dedicated Servers | Colocation

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    Thumbs up How did you do that

    Wow.. i'd like to acution some servers as well how did you do that id like the same

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    Ungenuine Bit

    Someone just simple jack up the price for pentium three to USD160.00. That is crazy, i doubt it is true bit. Fastservers staff must verify it else all celeron price will be more than USD150 one day.

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    We are monitoring the auction activity on a daily basis and have been working through the policy related bugs during our last 2 auctions to make sure this goes smooth.

    It is true that a couple of the current auctions are getting a little on the high side for pricing, but the Celeron servers seem to be pretty stable in terms of pricing.
    More than a Server, It's a Solution
    Dedicated Servers | Colocation

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