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    * Paying to be a "editor's pick" etc.

    I was getting ready to buy a simple text link at a site, but then noticed they also advertise paying to be an "editor's choice pick" and so on. I feel very strongly this type of thing is wrong, and I don't want to be associated with somebody who does it. I think it is misleading to visitors of the site.

    An "editor's pick" or product/company "recommendation" is supposed to be based on something real, some sort of quality or experience with a product/company, not just given out to whomever is willing to pay for it. Yes, there are plenty of people doing it, and sadly it has become common place, but that doesn't make it right.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling links, having link partners and such, and I do this too, but there is a big difference between the two. It's more a question of ethics and responcibility to the customers that might see the information and take it at face vale, but different people have different views on this, just as in life, so we all have to decide for ourselves.

    Anyway, no big deal, but I just wanted to see how others felt about this.


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    I agree with you, it should be based on their service or product, not who pays for that spot or choice.

    I personally think these sort of sites should be shut down, or have a clear notice at the top of every page that they paid to be rank 1 or editorials choice.
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    i also agree. if someone is going to pay, they should be considered a "sponsor" rather than an "editor's pick." the first thing that comes to mind when i think of "editor's pick" is that it is the product or service the editor would personally choose for himself.
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    1,769 it is.

    The thread got moved to a different section.

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    Unusual to see so many peolpe agreeing, I'm with you on this. Editor's pick should deffinately be on the quality of the product/service.

  6. Hi Gen-t

    Thanks for raising this issue, from now on Editors pick will be an unbiased review on my sites. It WON'T be a form of paid advertisement.

    Thanks again

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    It's encouraging to hear that you are going to stop doing that, [email protected]

    Well that's 1 site down, and only 2000 more to go.

    Power to the people!
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    Cheers to you Gen-T

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    Well done Gen-T I agree with you on that
    Very well done to you Senthu, nice move

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    it is wrong. however whether you like it or not there will always be people who will charge others to become "picks". Just because they are greedy. I don't think there is any need to discuss the issue any further

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