Iíve got a personal development course that that Iím promoting on my site. I studied for 10 years at a research institute to be able to teach this course so Iím just a little passionate about it. Iíve been hearing from several Internet Marketers that a one page is the best way to go for any type of service. The course Iím promoting is over $500, the course content is controversial, and it involves an 8 month commitment from anyone who signs up. Because of this, my mindset has been that I have to educate people about it by providing more than average amount of content (I already have 12 pages). When I say educate, I mean explaining the purpose for taking the course, handling peopleís objections, and differentiating what weíre doing from the other guys (thereís so many whacky oneís in this field). Anybody got any ideas about one page ads verses multiple page ads? Any insights greatly appreciated.