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    Template Design/Hosting for cheap! <---

    Hi, I will design your site and host it all for a FLAT FEE!. That's right a one time hosting fee and you will get alot for your money. I will make you a proffesional layout, and host your site, and even manage it if you do not know how for a cheap price. I will start this around 150$-200$ or maybe even less!

    Email - [email protected]
    AIM - aniz18

    Thank you

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    Do you have a portfolio?

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    what does the hosting plan include?

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    Yes, you should really provide some examples of your work, and more details please.

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    I see that alot, people always post about looking to give services to other users in need, but never provide the information that is needed. Next time show work, active sites, partners, dedicated clients that use you for facelift ect, you need to show that you our professional in all area's, so with that said, show some work ^^

    Not putting you down at all, have a good day bud

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    Well, I currently do not have a portfolio. I had to re-format my computer. But you would NOT have to buy it if you were not pleased with it. Well with the hosting plan I'd give you about 500 mb of space and 2 gb's bandwith. If you wanted just the hosting I'd give it to you for a flat fee of 50$. I'd be VERY flexible with bandwith, so if you needed more. Just ask. Bye.

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    wait, I flat fee of 25$ - 50$

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    that $25-$50 ,, is that for a year or for ever ??

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    You're new around here and it is hard to try and give you some advice without sounding critical

    You will find it difficult to obtain design work without being able to show people what your skills are like. It is not just about the money a company could lose a couple of weeks time finding out you were not the designer for them.

    On the hosting you need to explain to people what you are offering in space, bandwith, type of server, location, operating system, what support and services are offered. Is the fee per month,year or what?

    If you are offering "professional" maintenance service you will find a spell checker will help "a lot"
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    Alright, I will give 500 megabytes of space. 3-5 gigabytes of bandwith for a flat fee of 50$. The reason I am trying to sell my webwork, I want to build up a portfolio for my design site that I am trying to make. The server runs Linux. It is a server off of

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    "I want to build up a portfolio for my design site" Why don't you offer some designs for free or at reasonably cheap prices, no one here can see what you do...

    Make a template or something and post it up?

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    Check the "Build My Portfolio" threads and you'll see what the issues are here. Lots of "help me" scams going on, very little follow through.

    Better to build your reputation on quality work up front than projects not delivered.

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