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    wanting to advertise

    Hello, I'm looking to advertise and I am looking for some sites to place a banner on if you have a site and are in need of some funding please contact me and we can arrange something.

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    my site has a PR of 6 soon 7 on main site and 5 on forums the main site is under reconstruction with a new cms and design should be up by tuesday the latest intrested? contact me regarding prices etc (totally ignore layout/design)

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    Fantastic advertising opportunities on large network
    Advertising on our network of sites:

    Total traffic is 60,000 Unique visitors / month!

    Control panel demo: Username: demo password: demo

    What we offer:

    468*60 Banner advertisement.
    0.75CPM: Subsribe, Order

    CPC solutions on our search engine,
    More info / order

    Site-Wide Text link on one of our PR6 sites of your choice. , , , , , ,
    15 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon
    LNXPS - C# XPS Library

    The Sun Bingo -

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    64 - $5.00 per month for static text ad under "sponsors" - comes w/ stats info (clicks/impression/ctr via phpadsnew) - may purchase up to 3 months in advance. 468x60 add banner in top, in rotaiton (no stats info) $8.00 per month - pay up to 3 months in advance - 468x60 ad banner in rotation (currently only 2) at the top middle - no stats info but should have that installed (phpadsnew) within another few days or so. $5.00 per month may purchase up to 3 months at a time - static text link w/ stats info under the "sponsors" box on the left hand side - $5.00 per month, may purchase up to 3 months at a time

    PM me if interested w/ which sites you would like to advertise on and for how long None of the cool kids are doing it.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I currently have several spots for advertising on

    We are an established (4 years) movie review website which has been linked from,, among other top sites.

    Site Traffic: 3500-4000 uniques/day (120,000 uniques a month; 350,000 page impressions a month).
    Alexa ranking: 120,000 - 150,000
    Google backlinks: 10,600

    Figure #1 -
    Figure #2 -
    Figure #3 -
    Figure #4 -
    Figure #5 -

    Your link/image/text will be displayed on over 9,000 pages. About 99% of the site including the front page.

    In the 1st and 4th photos, you will see a red and blue square/rectangle. This corresponds to the size of the ad you wish to place if you are using an image and not a text link. Use that area to find out the price.

    Left side of all pages:

    One Month:

    1. Text link (1 line) - $15
    2. Blue Section - $30
    3. Red Section - $50

    Two Months:

    1. Text link (1 line) - $25
    2. Blue Section - $55
    3. Red Section - $90

    Featured link on front page:

    One Month:

    Text link (1 line) - $22
    Small Button - $42
    Large Button - $75

    Two Months:

    Text link (1 line) - $36
    Small Button - $76
    Large Button - $132

    Top Banner on Forum:

    One Month:

    468x60 - $10
    728x90 - $15

    Two Months:

    468x60 - $14
    728x90 - $21

    I only accept payment through PayPal.

    If you're interested in purchasing a slot, please MSN me or e-mail me at [email protected] - I prefer NOT to be Private Messaged via the forum.

    You can also buy it directly at

    Tyler Cruz Intelligent Discussion for Web Publishers

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    728x90 leaderboard sized banner space is available on for $5CPM.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
    My Blog | Affiliate Program for Web Hosts

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    Get a spot in the "Partner Websites" box on the left side of

    $15/month if you go for a subscription.
    $25/month if you pay monthly.


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    Off Topic Forum - An Off Topic discussion Forum.

  10. #10 , a PR6 and #2 google ranked site for Free web scripts with 3400+ Google links has ad spots for sale. Check the thread:

    Kevin -

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    GalacNet is looking for an Advertiser.
    If you are interested we would remove all pop-ups and Google Adsense ads and place yours.

    We currently have half a million page views every month.

    Ads will be streamed to out Free Web Hosting, WebMail, Fourms and other sites controlled by GalacNet.

    Let me know if you are interested

    Hong Gao Qiang
    [email protected]
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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