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    25% Off HelloHost Reseller Plans


    We are offering a special from now till the end of the month, use coupon code "25off" and receive 25% off your first month on any of our reseller plans.

    Wheather you just starting and just want to test our services with a reseller Plan 1/2 or you already have a number of clients and are just looking for a more reliable provider - have a look at our plans.

    We offer Fantastico Deluxe and RVSkins as well as 99.5% Uptime, if thats not enough, we also have a 100% ongoing satisfaction guarantee - Not just 30 days, but for as long as you remain with HelloHost.

    Have questions? comments? Post / PM / eMail / IM / Call
    Richard W. Kelly
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    hosting review

    Well, this is a good opportunity for me to look back at all four months since I am a HelloHost client.

    In late December last year I had to move from a very expansive hoster, and after long and painfully searches, I found (and decided for) HelloHost. It was a tough choice, because I had to find (actually to guess) a good service at a very small price.

    I am a (yet) small romanian HelloHost reseller , with 35 customers (hosted at least one year). The transition from the old hoster to Hellohost went very smooth, and the only issues were due to local registrar, which didn't work on Xmas. During these four months I had some issues, most generated by my clients, and some by myself, and all were resolved in no time by them. You can find them about 20-22 hours/day live, on YM, and this is a good point for HelloHost, since the time gap between me and them is 8 hours. Also, they are VERY open to any good external ideea; therefore, my server (not a dedicated one, yet) has the firewall solution I am using at home, wilh the settings I know, this giving me confidence in the data protection. Also, mail is scanned 'on the house' using clamav+mailscanner, and this is really a good one.

    Above all, each IM session gets into a friendly chat, making me feel like I'm part of the family, and not an ordinary client. Of course, I do record my issues in a ticket system, but for quick fixes or questions I know I can allways buzz them on IM.

    Therefore, I recommend you to try HelloHost services. You will be delighted.

    Stefaniu Criste - Romania
    gupi |at| hangar |dot| ro

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    I second that emotion

    I was in almost exactly the same situation;

    I was being hosted at MediaTemple (who have completely lost the plot as of late) for a very expensive monthly bill 100+

    I searched on these forums and saw a lot of positive feedback for HelloHost, made the switch.

    And now I am paying MUCH less (like 200+ a year!) I've got more space, better reseller tools, more bandwidth. And the IM based tech support is INCREDIBLE!! They are very polite and do not get pissed at you for stupid questions!

    I can wholeheartedly reccomend HelloHost as a great hosting company.

    Now I am a bit wary of some reccomendations in forums since it is pretty easy for the company to setup a user on this forum and just pose like a satisfied customer. If you want to verify that I am an actual customer and not just an advertiser for Hellohost posing as a customer check out the whois records for my domains and you will seemy DNS s all pointing to


    Jon Spooner

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