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    My web design site layout

    Hello people

    I finally got some time to work on my web design site layout.....

    It is not 100% finished as there are a few things that need more work..... I dont even know if I really want this "look and style", maybe I will try in another different direction....

    I just wanted to know what you guys think of it, you know, the concept, colors..... Any opinion will be appreciate!!! Also, I am not happy with the background, do u think a darker bg would suit better??

    Thanks a lot in advance, I cant wait to hear your opinions!!!!!!

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    I like it a lot, very easy on the eyes and also I like it on how simple it is but yet it gets the job done!

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    yes, very easy on the eyes. You may wanna make the text a big larger, since you're trying to sell a service. But overall, I think you did a great job.
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    Yeah, I like it too... although the hands on the belly image is a little creepy.

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    Thanks for your feedbacks guys
    Email me or pm me for custom design. Cheap prices!!

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    very nice, might want to change the txt on your logo and use anti-aliasing so its not so jagged

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