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    Custom Upload Script

    Hey guys

    The project I have in mind is going to be quite a workload, so if you're not prepared to spend some serious time on it, don't bother reading on: just a warning.

    I am in need of a custom upload script for my site. I want it to be something easy to use while still having quite a few good features. I'm not exactly sure how it would be done, nor if it could be's my idea.

    People can upload up to six files. One file is and the other five are .jpg or .gif images (Screenshots). They would go to for example, but all of the files the person uploads would be uploaded into a new directory - for example. It would keep on rising numerically so that no files are overwritten and it's nice and organized.

    These files would not be viewable by the general public - only downloadable via FTP. Ideally you could set the maximum file size in MB or KB (which most upload scripts allow).

    If anybody thinks this is possible and would like to take a stab at it, please let me know - I've given the big details, however there may be some issues that I have forgotten.

    Thanks guys.

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    Have you searched around for someting like that?

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    I can do this for $30.
    I have written similar scripts recently for

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    From those details: $20 (completed within 1 week). Contact me via PM or email (chris [at] with addtional details.

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    I know a great programmer named Brian who has done alot of work for me. If you want to talk to him, I'll give you his e-mail. He can probably do this for $20 within 5 days.
    - 7de5igns

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    We can integrate this system into your web site
    in 5-6 days estimated.

    You can contact me by e-mail or pm.

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    Programmers keep in mind that you have to do something about not allowing the 'world' to know where the files are kept so they can't just go download them. He said only via ftp. Just a heads up. It would be quite simple if you just put them in a directory. I'd bid but I'm probably too expensive for something like this.

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    Besides Homeblock, has anybody done something similar?

    Note: I took a look at that site, Homeblock. Looks pretty sweet.

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    Have you chosen a programmer?

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