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    30+ good .coms some with traffic $30+

    All domains are $30 unless otherwise posted

    Buy them all for $600 - comes out to like $18 each

    All domains are regged until april 05 or 06 (1-2years)
    All payments are through paypal only.
    Domains are registered at godaddy.
    All Prices are firm
    to buy, reply to thread or pm


    ANIMALSHOES.COM shoes for animals. google it those rich people buy anything heh

    BUYMYDN.COM wanna set up a website so people can buy your domain names?


    CHEAPADULTSITES.COM - reg good till 04/06 uses - adult site hosting/

    CHEAPCRACK.COM - every time i see this one it makes me laugh


    CHRISTIANGALS.COM very good name for a christian dating site/portal


    CISCOPROS.COM could be used for cisco techs or ciscopro line of hardware

    D4T.ORG -popular hiv drug
    D4T.US -popular hiv drug

    HIGHESTRATED.NET possibilities are endless with this one. could be used to develope any site that rates something.

    HIVKIT.NET hiv home test kits buy all three for $50
    HIVKIT.ORG hiv home test kits
    HIVKIT.US hiv home test kits



    LUNGLAWYER.COM good to sell to one of those lawyers who specialize in asbestosis, lung cancer, emphezema etc

    LUXURYAUDIO.COM high end audio website disscussion/sales/review. couple possibilities


    NURSEDESK.COM $40 would make a great name for a health site. or i bet if you could find the right end user it would sell for alot

    ONCEWEB.COM gets a couple hits a month also has overture rating including the extension rating of 60 i think

    OYOWEB.COM gets a few hits a month, open youth org, oyo state of nigeria, is used as a matchmaker service in china, could be sold to one of those. also has overture rating including the extension

    PMWEBSYS.COM web based private message system

    SHALLOW.BIZ dictionary word

    SHARPAUDIO.COM $80 -has about 60-100 hits a month(at least 2 hits a day)

    STONERCOOKBOOK.COM do a search on google theres ACTUALLY a stoner cookbook heheh.

    STRIPSEEK.COM looking for strippers? pictures? then buy get this domain

    USASSAULT.COM -could be used for assault in the us or the us assault on iraq. it gets a couple hits a month

    WEARY.INFO dictionary word

    WEBSCROW.COM would make a great name for a website/internet based escrow service

    WRINKLED.ORG dictionary word
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    account transfer free through godaddy

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    can you prodive stats for traffic?

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    i am also interested in traffic stats for the domains. Please send them to me.
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    pms sent

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