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    in other words: You just have a .SWF decompiler that you downloaded for free and you are asking people $10 for it.. A shame.. Really, a shame..

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    Actually, you cannot completely decompile a flash file, no matter what you say.
    You cannot decompile action scripts.

    Dont listen to this man/women, he cant do it.

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    action scripts can be decompiled through swf decompiler, you can almost find the fla with diffrent decompiler available. to get the axact fla u need to put some effort though.

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    Hmm... actually, I think you can. zzas22 got him/herself a program called Ave Imperator or a similar one. Anyway, this program says it can fully decompile 99% or so of all flash files (not sure, tho... been a while since I`ve checked on their website).

    Personally, I have the demo (available for download) version that is limited to 100 conversions and by the fact that it can`t convert actionscript (option disabled).

    On the other hand, I can`t think that a person calling him/herself a graphic designer can be so careless as to loose their source files . Almost everyone does backups on cd`s nowadays (of course, this CAN happen). So, the only category calling upon this kind of services would be rippers.

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    Seriosly though guys hes offering a service and if you dont like it then you shouldnt speak your opinion... since really your opinion dont mean sh*t.. and his thread didnt say opinons welcome.

    If someone is willing to have there .swf recovered becuase they dont want to deal with downloading the swf decompiler and doing it thereself and wasting time. his service might be worth

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    I Was Just Trying To Help People Out. I Did Not Want To Be Called A Liar. Sorry Everyone .. But The Service Is Still Open To Anyone Who Needs It!

    jasong .. just to prove you wrong .. send me the swf file and I will email you back to fla!
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    Also thank you very much gebweek .. I will Recover any fla for you free of charge!

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    I agree, not all people can use flash (like me I suck with it). This service could be of use. If you can do it then fine offer it yourself but give the guy a break.

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    Originally posted by p1az
    I agree, not all people can use flash (like me I suck with it). This service could be of use. If you can do it then fine offer it yourself but give the guy a break.
    It has nothing to do with people knowing how to use flash. Do you know what the topic is about cause your not making any sense.

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    also thank you p1az

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    If he can do it, great man, god knows I would not want to try.

    Wouldn't it just be same to say that anyone can download a program that does HTML, but we all know not everyone can make a webpage, nor wants to mess with it.

    I say if someone is willing to pay AND he can actually perform the service, go to town baby!

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