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    * Figureskating RockZ!

    Sorry for that random outburst.

    My friend once told me that figureskating and web design were really diverse frrom eachother.

    Here's my stab at proving her wrong, a cut from my site:

    "We believe that like figureskating, web design is an art where aesthetics play a primary role in outperforming the competition, as so do technical factors and a (professional) image. These concepts often determine for businesses whether visitors convert to customers, and also play an important part in building a solid corporate reputation.

    That is why we unleash our creativity to bring you the most breathtaking designs, with aesthetic standards far beyond the vast majority of what is seen today on the world wide web, taking your site into a small elite community that stands out from everyone else. Our professionalism and technical excellence allows us to produce designs that are efficient and flawless, helping you to score perfect 6.0s."

    Well, that's just another useless bunch of text to waste space and bandwidth on WHT.

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    I guarantee you, that if you google it, someone stole the exact text already lol.

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    Talk about some crazy use of conceit (extended metaphor)...

    Well, I used to figure skate, and it's pretty fun.

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