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    Thumbs up Wchost

    I'm from Hong Kong, and I've wanted to have some local webspace for a long time, both for speed and the unlimited bandwidth. Mind you, this isn't overselling, all HK ISPs work on unlimited bandwidth, just the way things are here.

    Hong Kong webpace has never been cheap, first time I checked it was something like $10USD equivalent for 50MB of space. When I finally got to the point and used my "always ask the community instead of" principle here on WHT, I got led to WHCHOST.


    $33USD/year for 100MB and a free domain, that's even pretty cheap for a US server! One soon gets over the language barrier of their Cantonese website, and the "Chinglish" language of the support dude, Ray Chan I think it is. And I absolutely love the way they update you with frequent newsletters, warning about any downtime etc. Talking about that, theres only been a little downtime due to them moving server location, which I presume won't be happening again anytime soon.

    The support is superb needless to say. Instant responses, and action taken on any requests. Speeds are great, even my friends in US think so. Damn, they even outperformed my dad's server at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

    It just happens they are running an even crazier deal now. What I payed $33 for is now $25/year! And 500megs +free domain is about $60/Year. It makes me so jealous that my friend whom I recommended is getting such a discount. I couldn't believe it!

    Keep it up WCHOST!!! A+++++++++++++++++++

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    Glad to here that Wchost seems to be doing well.

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