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    /home full and i can't backup server via WHM ! Please help

    My server have 2 hdd , a prime one is scsi and it 70% used . and a second one is 100% free . But i want to do some remote backup via whm , and anytime whm backup , it will zip everything in /home to scsi harddisk before transfer that zip file to remote ftp server . But as you know , i am using 70% of a scsi so it full when whm zip /home , i can't backup remote any more .So i just want to move those /home to second harddisk , anybody know how ?
    thank you and sorry for my very bad english .

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    log in via ssh and delete some files

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    nothing to delete anymore

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    In WHM under Account Functions

    To rearrange an account:

    1. Click on the Rearrange Accounts link in the Account Functions menu.
    2. Click on the domain or user name in the displayed list and click on the Rearrange button.
    3. Click on the required drive to move the account to from the available drop-down list and click on the Move Account button.

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