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    web based game control panel

    Looking for game server control panel with the ability to:

    Stop/start/reboot a windows game server run with firedeamon.

    Edit selected files ie server.cfg, user.ini or add selected files so clients can edit what files they require.

    Upload maps to the map folder in the game directory.

    All through a web interface.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Im not after exocontrol , it doesnt work in the stop start of windows servers
    but thx anyways

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    Didn't exocontrol disapear of the face of the Earth?

    I thought so, since they never released the promised new version.

    Try Iguana for Windows. I think thats the only one for that OS.

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    I use serverdoc for starting and restarting game servers on windows machines. It will also restart a crashed server. You can find it on

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    I need one 2, can someone please help me. I need it for call of duty, just start/stop option, config editing and ftp ability through web based interface. Please let me know if anyone has this

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