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    Business for sale

    The business is a gaming company.

    Current Number of Monthly Customers: 53 (Average of $33 per customer)
    Current Number of quarterly Customers: 1 ($88.75)
    Current Number of yearly Customers: 1 ($408)

    We currently have 15 Machines online.

    1 x p4 2.4Ghz from Managed.Com (each at $85 Monthly) - Gaming Machine
    7 x P4 2.8Ghz from (each at$90 Monthly) - Gaming Machine
    1 x Celeron 2.4Ghz from INCLUDING Cpanel (each at $79.95 monthly - Server is $60 without cpanel - This is our web hosting machine).
    5 x P4 2.4Ghz Machines from Ezzi.Net (1 x $99 Monthly 4 x $79 Monthly - One of the machines has a 512MB RAM Upgrade)
    1 x Pentium 3 733 at GNAX reseller ($35 / Month - This is our name server)

    Total Monthly Costs: $1224.95
    Total Monthly Incoming Fee's: $1749.00 (Approximately)
    Total Monthly Profit: $524.05
    Total Yearly Profit: $6288.6

    There is one machine which is from which has no customers on it - we run between 4-6 servers on each machine depending on its size.

    To be able to run this business all you need to do is to be able to offer great support to customers, and excel in using linux.

    We have another customer signing up who is $170 per month (which is 4 different game servers (classified as 4 customers) - We have approximately 2-3 people who have 2 servers with us (these have been counted as 2 customers to show the actual monthly profit).

    So to add on the $170 per month which will take up 1 whole machine ($90).

    Total Monthly Costs: $1314.95
    Total Monthly Incoming Fee's: $1919.00 (Approximately)
    Total Monthly Profit: $605.05
    Total Yearly Profit: $7248.6

    We own 4 domain names - I will disclose these IF needed.

    If you need to know any more information about the business contact me via a PM through here and i will disclose my messenger(s) information which you can contact me through.

    I am looking for offers in the $xxxx - $xx,xxx Range - This is a very new business with ALOT of potential. The 55 Customers in total were gained within 4 weeks (Average of 13 Customers per week, in our busiest days we make 5 sales or more).

    For the person interested in buying this company - You can have 2 choices - migrate all user's over to your service/company - or keep all the machines we currently have which are already set up to perform at their best with our own custom binaries which are also for sale (reduces half-life game server usage by approximately 10-30% depending on server size).

    Out of the 55 customers we have had approximately 4 complaints in which we fixed their server within the hour - No complaints since.

    The purchaser may run more servers on 1 machine if you are able to provide your own dual xeon machines in a co-location. This may be the better choice - however i did not have the required startup money to be able to do this.

    If you run the game servers on better machines you will make close to double profit from what i am.

    Only serious offers/buyers please message me.

    This is a serious sale and i will provide all information on request.


    Contact Name: David Hamilton

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    Your offer seems very bright, however, if the company is only weeks old and has such potential why are you bailing on it? I may be interested and I'll send my offer as soon as I meet with the other co-owner.
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    Answer to your question

    It has become too big too quick for me to be able to handle. I am starting a new full time job shortly and i just wont be able to have time to run the business and also be able to handle my job also.

    I'll be happy to negotiate with you a price so just let me know. It may seem like a bit of a weird sale as it is a very new company and it does have very large potential - but as i said i just simply didnt expect it to grow this quick in the short amount of time.

    Thanks for your interest

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    Hello Warzone,

    Please send me some additional information and also your highest offer in a PM or email me ([email protected])


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    I sent you a pm bout an hour ago but please contact me asap thank you!
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    Please contact me via PM or email (chris [at] with additional details (server usage, how you're being paid, etc.)

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    Messages Sent

    I have sent e-mails to all of those who have requested.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    I did not receive an email yet
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    When does the bidding end?

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    Im hoping to end the bidding on the 1st - If i cant make an agreement by then - well then ill obviously have to keep the business in which i dont really have time for anymore - But cant do too much about it.

    An Update also: Received a few new customers - Up to $648.37 Per Month Profit.

    Thanks for everyone's time.

    If your interested in bidding - send to my email [email protected]

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