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    Integrating Online Billing, Gateways, and Quickbooks

    Currently using and PayPal in terms of gateways, although would like to ditch for CDGGateway, ClientExec for billing, and then Quickbooks for accounting. How are others integrating all these different pieces of software without either lots of manual work or duplicating too much information? Currently we are duplicating invoices in QuickBooks and marking them paid as they are and then using a splits to account for processing fees and to accuratly represent deposits in our bank account. A batch with fifty or sixty invoices makes this a ludacris ammount of work and it seems like there should be a simple way to do it all.
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    Originally posted by daveman
    sightz, I agree that in some cases, like this one, the rules get a bit in the way. Then again I didn't make them and most of the time they are needed.

    Khash, do you have a URL I can checkout?

    Gee, since Khash is not allowed (by WHT rules) to answer you, here goes:

    I have heard unsubstantiated rumors from a non-verified source that there is this guy named Khash who offers...

    A system is called QBGateway. It's a two way bridge between PayPal, various Credit Card processors, shopping carts and QuickBooks Pro 2002+.

    There is some proprietary software that runs on your PC and synchronizes your PC with our secure server, once your account defaults have been setup on the server, every time a transaction takes place an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is sent from your processor or your shopping cart to our server via SSL. Every 15 minutes your pc connects to our server and downloads the transactions and inputs them into QuickBooks either as an Invoice and Payment or as a Sales Receipt.

    We never receive the Credit Card Number from your processor, and the data on our server is purged 30 days after you download it. For synchronization we only receive the QuickBooks Account Names and Item Names.

    The cost is US$20 / month, the contract is month to month.

    Sounds like a great system that could seriously simplify a small host's record keeping. Too bad kHash himself can't tell you about it, but we have to maintain the sanctity of WHT.

    Any other questions I will "third-party" them for you and let you know.

    BTW - I have no idea who Khash is. I am simply annoyed by the WHT rule-lords in this situation.

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    Anyone found a URL? Didn't dig up anything on google or yahoo.


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    No URL it seems, I've been talking to him via e-mail though.
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