I bought this one server off a theplanet reseller and now I do not need it because at first I was going to get a script for my site that ran in ASP but now i'm thinking just sticking with PHP so I'll give this server to anyone who wants it... brand new, never been used.

Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz, 120GB HDD, 100Mbps Uplink, Win2003, 5IPs, 1000GB Bandwidth, 1GB Ram, Urchin100 - $199 monthly and $0 setup

since I paid the $49 setup fee... you are getting FREE setup fee, you can add a control panel for $25 (helm).

The server is available instantly (not with control panel), so please contact me immediately for order info or contact info, you can pm me or contact me at skinsdepot [at] hotmail.com

Remember, only 1 servers, clean, fresh, nothing on it. I was planning on using it but I changed my mind.