Hi all,

Here's the story:
I changed my hosting company from E-starr, to another one because I simply do not need all that space and bandwidth. Now I share a hosting plan with a friend which is much more economical.

So here is the situation: I cannot get a refund from E-starr.com because I paid for a 1 year subscription at a cheaper rate. Their policy for the 1 year subscription (at a cheaper rate) is that I cannot get a refund if I bail out.

Here is what I offer:
1. Please check out the "150" plan at E-starr.com's hosting plans
2. You will get exactly this service for just $50 US! That is over 15% cheaper than listed!
3. The year I paid for is April 2004-2005
4. The $50 dollars value is ONLY for this year (just a feat to get you interested). If you continue beyond this... I am not sure if this is allowed, but my plan is at $55 a year. You maybe able to continue at this rate.

Either way this is a great deal and it would be a waste if the space at E-starr goes empty for the whole year...

If you are interested or have any questions, E-mail me at: [email protected] !

E-starr is an amazing company! I love their tech support and they are very reliable. I hope whom ever takes over will have better use of their superior services.

- Hubert.