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    E-mail woes again


    Once again, I'm having difficulty with one of the RaQ3 servers I have and e-mail...

    My coloc & I moved the server to their new office space & got everything up & running fine (so I thought)... I was even able to send mail earlier today.

    But nowmail [to my knowledge NOTHING has been done on the server since early this AM, except a few reboots probably], when I try sending (doing a send/receive in Outlook), I get " Relaying denied. Please check your mail first."

    I went in to the cobalt server, turned off POP before SMTP and tried again. At first, the Cobalt started complaining that the SMTP service was not longer running, so I manually stopped sendmail & restarted it and it finally came up. But, when the send was attempted, I THEN got "relaying denied"

    I should note - the server was running fine, sending mail, etc. for 2 years before moving to the new coloc space (and new IP address).

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    you said since this AM "a few reboots" ? s'not windows, you dont need to solve stuff by switching it off :p

    anyway onto yor problem ... it sounds like the poprelayd isn't starting ro staying running

    if you're running spamsassassin/mailscanner you cant just use the gui to start/stop mail, you have to from ssh
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/mailscanner stop
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/mailscanner stop
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/mailscanner start

    try turning th epopb4smtp off, save, then turn it on and save, and check that the process porelayd actually is runnig

    check that the domians listed as hosted by the box are in the relay-for section ofthe mail settings, and that you dont have a blank line of line with simply a . on at the end of that list

    try running the mail test from

    LMK how you get on
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    Also make sure DNS is working properly on the server. Many people do not update the server's nameservers (/etc/resolv.conf). POP before SMTP will need to be on unless you have added your IP to the relay allow list.

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