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    MS ActionPack Windows Web Edition

    We have the Microsoft Action Pack subscription and this is our second year. Great program but I am always afrain to actually use some of the licenses for real world purposes.

    In particular, part of the package is a copy of Windows 2000 Server and a copy of Windows 2003 Server and I think a copy of Windows 2003 Web Edition.

    Since we offer hosting services we would like to use these valid licenses that we have for this server software to host some of our customers websites.

    We want to be sure we are doing the right thing license wise. Does anyone know for sure if it's OK to host on these licenses?

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    No its not! Look at the disks, it actually says "FOR EDUCATIONAL/PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY!!! NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE".

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    In order to use Windows for hosting, it must be under the SPLA license.
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    This is why I asked

    As for the SPLA, I have tried to sign up for this but it seems like there are a lot of hoops to jump through. I went to the MS site the other day and it said that I had to login to get the SPLA application. I do not have a login so it said I had to be an MS partner first. I said OK, let me signup for that.. I tried to and the site said that I could not for a month or so because their signup tool was down to be redesigned and I could signup in a month or so when it was back up.

    Seems like they make it pretty tough..

    We use to belong to their Windows Webhoster Program which was MUCH easier to get involved in.

    I looked into the SPLA so we could purchase "Web Edition Licenses". Seems that it's just tough to get Windows Server licenses these days.
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