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    Game Server CP in Windows

    Has anyone tried Iguana Active for Game Server control under Windows? If so, I would love to see some comments.

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    yep tried it and it's good. Just a bit pricey for uk market as its a bit cutthroat in the UK. Also no one time payment either so the monthly payments rack up to a fair amount over time

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    I have tried this out and I must say that it is a VERY good control panel. You may need to increase your pricing structure a little bit to compensate for their price but it is well worth it in my honest opinon to give the customers control on their game servers. We here are even thinking about adding this to our upcoming game server market.
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    I've spoken to a few people who use that control panel, and they say its well worth it and its an awesome utility to use for game servers on the windows platforum.

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    we have been experimenting with it and have had no problems as of yet

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    Thank you, I was trying to post quasi-anonymously so that I could get some straight facts. Thanks for the comments

    Quick comment for j0s:

    The reason we charge monthly is because we intend to push iguana forward forever. The new version we are working on which will support linux on one hand and the .NET infrastructure on the other, is taking server control to another level by offering "install on demand" and "network reboot" options.

    For the customers who sign up for iguana 2.5, they will pay the same rates. We do not charge upgrade fees.

    It would be really hard for me to continue improving iguana without charging monthly, I do hope you will reconsider.

    Thank You,
    Luke Chavers

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