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    Setup DNS Server on win2K

    Hello all,

    I need help in setting up my web hosting services; this is for fun not a business.

    I like to put my sons football/wrestling/track highlights on the web.

    I have a window 2k server with a DSL connection and 5 static IPs
    My router is cayman

    My server is install with AD/DNS

    Below is my setup:

    Left side panel

    Forward Lookup Zones

    Right side panel
    Name Type Data
    (SAPF) SOA [n],, admin
    Host IP address (IP of MyComputerName)
    MyComputerName Host same as above
    ns1 Host same as above
    ns2 Host same as above
    www Host same as above

    MyComputerName TCP/IP properties

    IP address I give this a number(what should this be)
    Subnet mask
    Gateway I give this a number(what should this be)

    Preferred DNS Server is setup with the IP of this computer
    Alternate DNS Server is blank

    When I type my domain name on MyComputerName server I can see the web site, but when I type it on other computers on my network or out side of my network I cannot see the web site.

    My ISP for DSL gave me some setting, how do I use them.
    5 static IPs WAN IPs
    Router IP LAN
    Public Gateway

    I do not want to use the primary DNS or the Secondary DNS of my ISP, because I want to setup my on DNS server so I can host my on web site.

    Can anyone help me with this issue.

    Thanks in advance

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    Things always get a little testy when you run them off of a home connection. When it gets legal, you are NOT allowed to do this on home networks. The chances you are going to get caught are slim, however it's up to you. It's better if you just get a hosting account for $3 or $4 a month, and you'll have better uptime, stability, etc. If you do decide to go forth with this adventure, just take advantage of IIS - and since your IP's are Static, just take your domain and re-direct it to your IP address.

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    buying a hosting service makes it much more easy and brings far lesser hassles (+headaches) when you host at home. Security, availability, uptime, power backup.. there are so many things to it...
    Just be aware of them before you decide to maintain your own server
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    One reason I would like to do this myself, because I can not pay a montly charge, and if I wont database connection and add more things to the site it wont be any problems. I had a hosting company before and they are out of bussiness now and I got the bad end of the deal.

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    I don't blame him for wanting to do it anyway. I don't think it is really about saving a few $$ per month. This type of spirit is what got many of us into this business. I am sure we all used to do things with our computers or home networks that weren't practical, but more fun and ended up turning into learning experiances.

    What I would suggest doing is maybe finding an old Pentium that you could use as a Linux server, and learning host off of it. It is a bit more challenging, but you can learn a lot more from it.

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    Missed this thread. oops.
    Hes asking about how to get DNS servers working on a Windows box not how to start a *nix hosting company

    I take it this is a business account? and they allow this sort of thing? port 80 open?

    OneFineNight, try a couple things for me please.

    One you primary DNS server, I trust you have the correct zones setup I am willing to bet its something on the clients fouling up process.

    Do these clients computers log in to the domain? So can they find

    -If not...
    One one of the other local machines open command prompt.
    type 'nslookup' , once that opens try doing a lookup for '' , check to see if it resolves to an IP.
    --If this doesnt go through check the TCP/IP settings make sure you are pointing the clients to the IPs of the DNS server you have setup.

    You also want to make sure that the domain you have registered, that its DNS servers point to the IP addresses of the DNS server you have setup.

    As far as the IP of MyComputerName, I couldnt tell you that. If its internal its going to be something like 10. or 192.168. , if external its going to be one of the 5 IPs your ISP provided you with.
    Gateway would either be the router IP or your ISPs gateway for your network segment.

    If you are working behind the router and its doing NAT, then you want to setup port forwarding for 80 requests. Although if you have 5 IPs your ISP gives you I wouldnt recommend running NAT. Id use the public IPs for web servers..... itll work a little better

    Should give you an general idea of what could be wrong.

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    I was trying to offer some encouragement, and justify his reasons for wanting to go the more expensive routes since the other responses in the thread were not as understanding.

    Since my sites are hosed in Linux, I was suggesting that he gets his experiance in that way.

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