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    some advice please...

    ok, this is what i have been brainstorming...

    if i get a dedicated server, i will have $518, i should get then at least $30 a month from existing customers (on old server), and the server is $80 a month, so if i pay for it outa my money for 6 months, thats $480, within those 6 months we should have gotten $180, with more customers joining in those 6 months (hopefully paying upto $30 a month aswell) that that could be $320 made in 6 months, wen i spent $480, profit $0 unless i get more customers.

    Please, i would really like your advice seen as you are experianced in this.

    also, if you know anyone that can beat this server ...

    For less than $80 a month, with cpanel + whm, let me know please! (email me at: [email protected])
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    If your provideing good service and keeping your customers happy, Then i suggest you stick it out. You might be loseing money now but think about it in the long run. Do some good advertiseing and marketing of your business and the clients will start to come in.

    Or you could just put your server on hold and get a reseller account until you make enough profit to cover the server.

    Good luck.

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    You might be losing money in the short-run but you need to spend money to make money. Make sure you actively try to bring your business to the market to make up for the additional cost fast. Don't wait for months that something happens.

    By the way - Is a solid provider?
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    Try to provide 24-7 support for your clients, check out they provide good prices to support your domains, $15 for 20 domains i think, cant recall exactly, but better support leads to more satisfied customers= word of mouth advertising

    thanks, Yaser.

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    thanks guys, great advice, and yes i think managed is a solid provider, xcept im gon na buy em off who reseller thier servers but with free support.

    also, a friend is gonna help me alot, with setting up the server and gettin more money, he was a hosting company but shutdown, he wants to do somethinbg else now, and most of his customers are moving to me, which is $27 a month, plus he has a guy who wants to rent voice servers off me for $25 a month, which you can do with these server

    and yeh, im gettin more customers and so will probably buy a ded server.

    Thanks again, any more advice would be greatly appreciated
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    When we first moved to a dedicated server we were losing money because our reseller couldnt support more users but there were too few people to pay for the dedicated server.
    We are starting to spend some money sorting out advertising etc and re-vamping our website to get more customers in.

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    As another posted said - to make money, you need to spend money.

    It's true that it may seem like a daunting thing now, spending so much money on a dedicated server when of course there is the possibility you won't make the money needed to cover your own costs for a while, but I say if you think you'll be able to do it; then go for it.

    Usually when starting a company, you should have a lot of capital - it can vary from person to person, but for a hosting company, I'd say between six months and one year capital. (EG: Enough to pay for your server and all other things that need covered for between six months and one year)

    Of course however, you could get a reseller account now and go for a dedicated server later on. It really depends on your situation and what you want to do; as if you go for a reseller now, and you fill it up pretty quickly - you'll need to transfer all your current clients over to a dedicated server.

    Then again; if you don't get too many clients quickly.... a reseller account may be a good idea as then you won't have the problem of needing to cover your costs of the dedicated server.

    About the place you are getting your server from... am I reading it right? It really says $60 per month for a server with 1200gb bandwidth?
    I don't know about Managed now - however I do know though that before they weren't too good. If I were you I'd check around again and check out the Dedicated Servers forum to see how much better Managed is now than what they were before.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks, also i forgot to mention, i am actually on a reseller atm, but have had alot of trouble with it, and i am loosing customers because of the trouble oive had, but also because im a reseller

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