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    Client management software - Separate the billing from helpdesk?

    It's nice to centralize information for clients so that they wouldnt have to log into two different systems to check on their invoices and submit tickets.

    There was a thread that stated one of the client management software didnt have the ability to create separate levels of "admins." I do not want someone else to see the billing information, hence it would probably be more feasible to have something like PerlDesk for the helpdesk system and something else for the billing system.

    However, I think ClientExec and others have builtin support system. That's great and all, but I'm not sure if they have separate account level for my staff.

    For those who created their own system, how would one go about integrating it with Paysystems and the other processors? I'm thinking if I had to, I would create my own billing software and input clients' information manually after payments go through paysystems. Then again, why do that if I can buy something premade and does the job for you from the beginning of the order process.

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    We use H-Sphere (which I believe does work with Paysystems).

    H-Sphere provides complete hosting automation including help desk and billing.

    Thank you.
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    ClientExec only has one staff level. They say this will be changed in v1.3 but even v1.2 isn't out yet...heheh...ModernBill has 9 levels, and a certain new software coming out I think around June has full control of what each staff can see...

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