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    backup and traceroute questions

    normally, is remote ftp backup more safe? which do you prefer, local 2nd HDD backup and remote ftp backup?

    i can't trace route one website, but it does exist, i can't get any information from also, this is my first time seen, may i know why?

    the site is, i suppose it's an IDC in china.

    [[email protected] admin]$ /usr/sbin/traceroute
    traceroute: unknown host
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    1) I prefer remote backups (in case data center burns up, server gets re-formatted, unplugged, ...). I do them with rsync to a local server to which I have physical access -- makes me feel better.

    2) Run a DNS report on your domain; looks like it was some crucial errors:
    Pings <1 ms, Unlimited Transfer, Lowest Price: http://localhost/

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