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    New CPC Hosting Reseller Plans

    Along with our outstanding web hosting offers starting at $3.95 a month, we are pleased to anounce our new Reseller plans. You will get 4 Gb Space and 300 Gb transfer every month for only $30/month. If you do go over your alloted bandwidth, then you will only be charged $1.00 per Gb overage. You will have total control and can create whatever plans you want. We utilize Plesk 7.0.2 on FreeBSD 4.9 running on dual Xeon 2.8 Ghz processors with 2 Gb ECC RAM. Backups are nightly to tape. Please call us at 877-CPC-4-WEB (272-4932) as this is not on our website yet. You can also contact me on AIM at unixmarine.
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