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Thread: Icon Contest

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    Icon Contest

    I'm a new member here.
    Our website is changing to
    If you visit the site you'll notice the graphic in the upper left hand side of the page. We are looking to change this icon to read rather than

    We will award $60 to whoever does this for us to our satisfaction.

    Thanks guys.

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    I made a few real quick. You can see them here...
    Something witty here...

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    If all you need is to change the text I can do this for MUCH cheaper.

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    let me know if this is what youre looking for....

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    Christ, ichiokada, you spelled homework wrong. I think thats the important part.

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    Jeez you guys, lkmtec has 1 post here, so no WHT credability, and you post unwatermaked full scale images, not too bright if you ask me.

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    I can do it...
    pm me with you contact way.i will contact you ASAP

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    Thumbs up
    Just replace the old image

    That was really easy Maybe you need something else...
    Heres my portfolio:

    Contact me as you like:
    ICQ 348596015
    AOL originalvision73
    EMail originalvision[at]

    thanks, David

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    every one doing well....
    best of luck everyone perticipating in the contest

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    i'll do it for 10 dollars.
    pm me if you want me to do it


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    Originally posted by number00032
    Christ, ichiokada, you spelled homework wrong. I think thats the important part.
    oops thanks a lot for pointing it out..

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    Hmm... it appears you once again spelled it wrong there ichiokada

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    HAHA, that's hilarious!
    3D Portfolio: InuxStudios -- 3D Logos, web servers, icons... [ACCEPTING REQUESTS]
    Arcade Network: InuxGames -- #1 source for arcade flash games

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    Poor ichiokada, made a second batch spelled wrong too.

    We are not laughing at you.......well, yes we are, but it's all in good fun.

    Just cut and paste this >> HOMEWORK

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    this is the most ridiculous contest i have ever seen

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    do u like my logo

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    its not a logo, its adding text. its a photo manip.

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    here are sample logos uploaded at

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    I think the contest is over and where are the money? what money? the job's done and the contest starter received the logo.
    maybe sombody else wants to create a logo for 60 Bucks?
    Forgot to say, I'l pay 100000$ for webhosting logo.
    it should be vector and 100x100 made in blue. Please place your works here. The first person who'l make this logo will receive 10000$, second - 500000$ hurry up!!!!

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