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    Intel P4 2GHz at EV1

    I've Intel P4 2.0GHz, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM at EV1Servers. Server runs RH7.3. Kernel: 2.4.26. In the case anybody wish RH9 or RHEL3 EV1 can reimage it. Server monthly cost: $148.17. Current EV1 offer for such the server: $180. Traffic: 1000GB. I do not need this server more. Initial setup was $150. For $100 I'll ask EV1 to move the server to your accout.

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    Not sure but from past experience ev1 will not move a server to someone elses account, you would need to contact ev1 to be sure.

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    I had an ev1 server pushed over to me about a yr ago unless policy has changed it is allowed

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    I've myself some of such servers moved to my account.

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