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    Any good CMS(not free) like cnn's or other magazines ?

    i am looking for sme professional cms ( not phpnuke lol ) that magazines can easily use
    here are some examples that i know
    nqcontent - example ->
    nelogic - example ->

    does anyone know anything to suggest me

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    Its free, but requires JSP and a lot of customization. There is a pay version also available.
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    wow thats a good one

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    I believe mambo's ( starter company - have a commercial version.
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    I don't think you'll find anything better than FarCry - . It's an amazing system. Some examples using FarCry are:

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    Farcry looks good but it's built in ColdFusion... not everyone can afford a coldfusion server...
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    From my experience choosing CMS is not easy.
    At this point you should clearly realise what you need exactly and do yo really need it? Point is that you can look for something complicated and expensive and then use only small part of the features.

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