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    Structuring company web site, products

    While not directly influencing a 'web hosting company' per se, I thought this was close enough to topic and wanted to see what you had to say.

    We will be offering various turn-key website solutions and hosting for different industries, with a few of the website systems branded as software packages (i.e. industryACT lite or pro type thing). The parent company is just a sort of repository for all of these solutions and is a general technology solutions provider that offers various other services, such as digital photography solutions, virtual tours, and possibly others down the road, in addition to these website solutions. While personally never being a big fan of domain bloat, I'm having trouble deciding if the 'website solutions' should have their own domain, or just be a subsection of the main site, or even a little of both. It would feel strange not to use the actual name of the pacakge .com, but I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about things. I guess there is a lot of evidence pointing towards using a single domain and buying the domain of the software and re-directing that to the product's subsection of the main site, but I wanted to see what you thought.

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    It depends whther you think the market for the two are different.
    For example when I started out I sold domain names on our main web hosting site only.
    When I seperated it onto a domain of its own I got a lot more domain sales.
    You presumably know your products so you can judge if they should be seperate.

    However, I understand Google now prefers large sites so having one big site with redirects into it probably makes sense provided you can make them all work together correctly.
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