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    Offer Swapware link exchange program on your site to download and cobranding with it

    Swapware cobranding programs allow you to offer Swapware on your website to download. All the client who download Swapware from your site will have a "Powered by [your website link and short description]; Licensed by [ link and short description]." on the Swapware generated pages.

    Cobranding is free, you will only need to pay a small setup fee and we take care of everything for you.

    Click here for detail

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    Use coupon code: WHTM1 to get $100 off the setup fee.

    Remember, we are looking for good websites to cobrand with Swapware so we can both build up incomming links. We are extreamly picky about our cobrand partner, not applicants are be accepted.

    Here is some additional information about Swapware:

    Swapware Link Exchange Manager Features: This powerful software is written in PHP. Easy Installation - be up and running in 5 minutes. Easily manage and organize your reciprocal links. Integrates with the look of your own site using templates. Allow visitors to add their link immediately to your links directory or you can manually approve all submissions. Easily email webmasters about the status of their link if it is approved/declined. When a visitor tries to submit their link to your links directory, our script will automatically spider the Reciprocal URL the visitor provides to check if your link is on their website or not. If not, they cannot submit their link. You will have full admin functions to add, edit, check, bypass reciprical link requirment and delete links from your directory.

    To see Swapware demo: - Username: [email protected] Password: demo

    To download Swapware:

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    This is the best software I've seen to build up incomming links. What's the setup involved?

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