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Thread: Contracts & TOS

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    Contracts & TOS

    I am reselling hosting accounts for my web dev clients. For clients that come to me from
    this site I think that I have the hosting contract covered.

    However, for clients that come to me from this site I need a better contract/tos. I need to address both the regular hosting and the fact that I am not responsible if they screw up the software on the site. Or if they have problems learning the software on the site. We will offer support, but I don't want to be on the line for people who are basically techno idiots. Any ideas?

    BTW - the site pricing is all wrong. Still have to change that . Also am changing the free to nonprofit thing.

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    Contact a lawyer.
    Thats what i did last week.

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    Yes, I'd have to concur. If you need help with anything on the side of the law, you cannot do better than to contact a solicitor.

    The people here on the forum boards can obviously help you here and there, however you'd be a lot better off (and safer) if you were to go to your local solicitor and have it all sorted out like that - they should be able to help you a lot better than what we on the forum boards can do.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, contacting a lawyer would be the best idea. "I heard about it on WHT" probably wont hold up in court.

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