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    90 to renew a domain name!!!!

    Hi all

    Just thought id share something which i find quite bizarre

    in April 2002 i signed up for Webhosting package with a hosting company based in was 23 for 2 years including domain name i think they offered only 50mb which was enough for the type of website i had.......i prepaid for 2 years!

    They registered a domain name for me on my behalf! for 2 years

    few weeks ago my domain name expired and i got a letter thru post from A company called Nominet which i think deals with the domain name in UK

    They sent me a letter saying to re register my domain i will have to cough up a 90 which is around $150 for 1 year!

    they said if i did not renew within 30 days it wud be released and anyone cud register it..

    paying 90 to renew it is soo expensive how they came out with that figure i dont know..maybe if anyone here knwos then id be great to hear!

    My site was a personal site nonthing popular i was basicalyl the only one accessing it........for all ma work or for it going down for 30 days or so i cud live with!

    So iwhat i decided to let the 30 days pass so they release it.....

    Once its realased back again i am going to purchase it for 5..rather then paying 90 id rather wait and save my self a lot of money!

    just thought id share this with you..

    This hosting i bougt 2 years ago..was from aUK hosting company

    from then i have not even Attempted or dream of Signing up with any UK hosting company most of them are soo expensive

    all my hosting are purhcased from USA which is far cheaper and much better!


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    Nominet are the UK domain name registrars, they send everyone those invoices because thats how much it costs to renew a domain name with them.
    Go back to the hosting company and ask them if they can renew your domain name for you and they will only charge the price you paid last time.
    Unfortunately you cannot just let it expire and get it back - it can take 3 months or longer to get a domain released by them because they keep it in a holding period, which is a chance for you to renew it.
    You MAY be able to get the hosting company to change the IPS tag to someone else, which means that the company you change it to will bill you for the domain at whatever price they charge, but im not sure if you can do that.

    By the way you wont get a .uk domain name for 5 nominet charge their members more than that to register the domains in the first place, the only companies that do the cheaper than 5 registrations are dodgy ones like oneandone who wont release the domain.

    Oh one other point you can only register uk names for 2 years so that 90 is for 2 years and not one

    I recommend using
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    As far as I understand it nominet only send the letters if your domain has expired so they give you a redemntion period to renew it

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    once it expires... domains drop randomly. Some domains are held for years I think. Some drop quickly, but it is all random.
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    do a whois on the domain @
    find out who the TAG Holder is, contact them and ask tehm to renew it

    that way
    (a) you dont risk losing it
    (b) you dont have 3months of no service waiting for it to be deleted
    (c) you dont pay 80+vat (94) which is the *standrad* nominet price of a .uk domain to non-member-tagholders
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    Bad luck.
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