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    Temporary URL:

    I should mention a few things about the site right off the bat:

    -I just registered the domain, so the URL doesn't work yet.
    -The demo account for the log in page doesn't work, and won't work until the URL starts working.
    -The contact form will bring you to another website after you submit it. This will also be fixed after the domain starts working
    -The forums won't work until the URL works

    Temporary URL:

    Now, let's get down to business. I made this site because of how terrible my old one was ( The entire site was in images, not to mention it was a template. The new site loads extremely quickly because pages are only around 2-6 KB (the order page is 15). This is compared to a whopping 150-200 KB per page on the old site.

    I also switched from to HostingPlex's service got really slow, and the customer support was dying. The new host is lightning fast, and with much smaller pages, loading time shouldn't be a problem.

    Anyways, let me know what you think of the site. I didn't want to have a real flashy color scheme, so I went with shades of gray. I tried to use a lot of tables to keep everything organized.

    Hope to get some good feedback. Thanks!
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    very good

    I think your site is very organized, easy to navigate and looks excellent.

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    Thanks . I'm most happy about the "looks excellent" part.

    Does the site load quickly for you? Just out curiosity...
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    Loads very nicely

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    loaded very quick for me and looks great.
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