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    HELP someone is flooding using my server

    Hi there,

    I dont know what was happening, but while checking the server status of my server i found it to be 28.8 !!!

    I rushed to kill the services that were killing the CPU, and i found them to be mailnull, i was also able to find out that someone was sending or FLOODING another email account. Problem is, i dont know how to find out who is was, since the reports i get point to this email address [email protected]

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    If you are using WHM/Cpanel you can go into WHM and under The Email Section, click on view relayers and then click on the name nobody, thay may give you some clues.

    You can also go into WHM under server status and click on CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage and see what account is using the resources that line up the what you find in the email relay section.
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