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    Hello all,

    This a general question...

    Currently we a moderate webhosting company run by three guys that just like have fun doing. As our business is growing we now are starting to see some serious things come up.

    Our current prospect is this:

    Getting a co-lo server near us physically.

    However it is a risk and we want to be sure that we can afford to do it correctly. So we have this idea of starting a game server that clans / people can rent per hour and at the same time doing a small amount of web hosting.

    Game servers?

    Are the profiteable? are they too much work? What setups work best? How much bandwidth does one q3 server take? Or other games for that matter? If X# servers are running can apache still run fine?

    Thanks for any info or thoughts

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    I don't think that they are that hard to operate.

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    Pretty much everyone on this forum that has done both has indicated that game servers are a massive support sink. So many little patches, mods, maps, and tweaks trying to play nice with each other, and even the slightest network or CPU hiccup will be visible in gameplay.

    Quite a few folks have tried hourly gaming rentals (including me), without much success, but it's theoretically feasible. The challenge is striking a balance between giving them the setup they want while limiting the support overhead. If the setup is too strict, it won't meet most clan's needs. If it's too loose, you eat the full support overhead of game servers for a sliver of the income.

    Mixing realtime (game servers) and resource-bound (web server) processes is never a good idea. A forum or google search will answer your other questions.
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    SM offers free Game Server setup on their 'SuperGamerz' server - if your worried about setting it up correctly. 1TB is normally enough for a server, and as you grow instead of putting on more games on one server, buy more servers. You don't want to overload a server with too many games.

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    Hey wow people actually reply to these things.

    When I made the post I had drinken a bit so the mispelling was rampant.

    Here is exactly what we want to do:

    Get another server and not have it hosted in the US but in Belgium where we live. The idea is to get another server and do some game hosting because we know a few people that want it. So we figure we can have atleast 3 - 4 clans customers from the start.

    In the end what I would like to know is if it is worth it? Does running a game server really have a promise? Can you run say 3 quake3 servers and host the websites for the clans on the same machine? What are the best setups? Hourly, Monthly, etc...

    Its only a matter of ping I think. We get fantastic bandwidth practically anywhere we test in the US, but the ping is high for the obvious reasons.

    At present we are going to sponsor a 200 person lan party... At that party we will give a small survey and see what the real interest is. However I know when it comes to matters of hosting things for people this site is one of the best to get info from. REAL INFO not joker wanna be!

    Thanks for all your advice...


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